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Kayla Nichols






I am a singer-songwriter-multiinstrumentalist-music producer who isn’t writing and creating music in the blues rock, RnB, and Pop/Electronic Dance Music genres.




Bethel Church

About Me

Hey there!

I’m Kayla Nichols and I’m a singer-songwriter-multiinstrumentalist-music producer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but I’m currently living in Redding, California! My dream is to be a traveling/touring musician who plays in the most mainstream venues and genres releasing sounds that are relevant and attractive and draw people in to encounter God’s heart for them! I had a face to face encounter with Jesus through music when I was 13 and it was so real that I gave my life to Him! That’s why I’m so passionate about reaching people through music! I have a heart for all sorts of genres. I wrote and put out folk albums in the past. Currently, I am working towards putting out a blues rock album, but am also doing collaborative projects with people in the pop/electronic dance music genres as well as in the Jazz/RnB genres! My heart is for people at the bars, clubs, raves, and festivals!

I am involved in... (select all that apply)


My involvement in music includes...

Songwriter/lyricist, Stringed Instruments

What type of string instruments do you play?

Guitar (accoustic and electric)

What is your genre or style of expression?

Blues, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop/Rap, Rock

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Kayla Nichols

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